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This is how it works

Creating a project is very simple at CARL. If you have not yet created an advisor profile at CARL, you first need to be accredited. Once accredited, you can create your first project and receive enquiries about your project from potential buyers. You increase the reach of your projects with just a few clicks.
Succession solution for your clientele

With CARL, you have experts for succession in Mittelstand as a direct partner. The team supports the development of communication and sales strategies and accompanies your clients on the way to a successful succession.


Additional sources of revenue

A transaction process offers opportunities for banking and insurance services. For example, transaction financing becomes possible in many cases. It also opens up opportunities in wealth management and private banking.


Digital partner

CARL acts as a digital partner in many collaborations. With its experience in digital marketing and sales, for example landing pages and webinars, as well as its resources in the area of product development, CARL opens up digital access to succession.


Price structure:
Our remuneration model.

CARL Advisers work on a success basis. There is no fee for using the CARL portal. You can post your project and make interested parties aware of your project. If your project is successfully concluded via the portal, you will be charged a success fee. This depends on the transaction volume:


For a transaction volume up to and including € 10 m

*at least, however, € 10,000


For a transaction volume above € 10 m up to and including € 25 m


For a transaction volume above € 25 m up to and including € 50 m


For a transaction volume above € 50 m

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