Successful succession in an industry in transition

AMS Anlagen-Montagen-Service GmbH
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AMS Anlagen-Montagen-Service GmbH ("AMS") is a medium-sized service company founded in 1993 that performs mechanical maintenance and repairs, maintenance tasks and fluid services for industrial plants throughout Europe. The company's customers include lignite and hard coal-fired power plants, cement and lime works, waste incineration plants, refuse derived fuel plants and opencast mines. Due to an age succession, the founder and managing partner of the company Claus-Dieter Ahnert turned to CARL. Due to the energy turnaround and the resulting high level of uncertainty in the industry, the positioning of the company in the process and the accompanying equity story had to be precisely worked out.


In an exchange with the founder, the objectives and the transaction process were agreed at the beginning. Furthermore, the presentation of the company and the associated equity story were defined. By specifically addressing investors, suitable buyers were found and indicative offers were obtained. In the further process, the interested parties were invited to a management presentation and a company tour in order to get to know the company better. A data room was then created for the investors so that the potential buyers could carry out due diligence checks. Final offers were made on the basis of the company review.


Through the structured bidding process, CARL was able to determine the best possible purchase price that reflected the value of the company and met the seller's expectations. CARL led the sales process, even under challenging market conditions and growing uncertainty in the market for lignite and hard coal-fired power plants, to the successful conclusion of the contract. By integration into the family-owned company EBERT HERA, the succession solution for AMS could be secured in the interest of the seller. It was important for the previous owner to ensure a positive business development in the future. The acquisition of AMS represents for EBERT HERA an optimal addition to the existing portfolio to cover the entire value chain in the field of industrial services. Furthermore, both companies benefit from the development of new customers. Mr. Ahnert will remain connected to his life's work as Advisers of the new managing director.

A suitable buyer was found through a targeted investor approach.

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