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Professional cleaning equipment
Holger Lepold

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

70 employees

Project duration

9 months

Sales year


Initial situation

In 2006, Holger Lepold founded SPRiNTUS GmbH after a successful management career as a development manager at well-known corporations. The company started as a one-man operation in the garage with the ambition to develop more powerful vacuum cleaners for commercial users than those previously available on the market. With special technical innovation, numerous patents and an excellent understanding of customer needs, Holger Lepold developed SPRiNTUS into the fastest growing supplier of professional cleaning equipment and safety vacuum cleaners in Germany. In 2022, SPRiNTUS already employs 70 people and generates sales of around 25 million euros. SPRiNTUS is continuously gaining market share and in 2021 already reached Germany market shares of 15% for commercial dry vacuums and 25% for single-disc cleaning machines.


With the aim of being able to realize the existing strong growth opportunities in Germany and abroad even faster and to prepare the company succession at an early stage, Holger Lepold was looking for a suitable M&A-Advisers. He came across CARL via the free service of indicative company valuation . According to Mr. Lepold, it was the professional and flexible approach of the team that convinced him that CARL was the right Advisers for his project.


In the search for a suitable additional shareholder, it was particularly important to Mr. Lepold that he bring the appropriate corporate culture with him and that the current location of SPRiNTUS GmbH in Welzheim near Stuttgart be strengthened. 


In order to bring further expertise into the process in addition to the digital approach and the extensive investor network, CARL carried out the project together with colleagues from Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz GmbH, Frankfurt, in a co-mandate. Throughout the process, CARL and Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz paid special attention to efficient project management in order to minimize the strain on the company's ongoing operations and the resources of SPRiNTUS management. CARL and Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz received a large number of indicative offers only a few months after the start of the project, from which Mr. Lepold selected the most suitable ones. Subsequently, the offers of the preferred investors could be further improved in the course of the controlled competitive bidding process.


At the end of the bidding process, the winning bidder was Kapital 1852, a subsidiary of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbank AG from Düsseldorf, which qualified as the optimal partner for SPRiNTUS. An investment fund managed by Kapital 1852 acquired 100% of SPRiNTUS GmbH together with the previous sole owner and the management. The transaction lays the foundation for the planned strong expansion of the Welzheim site and the further growth of SPRiNTUS, also abroad. The transaction also enables SPRiNTUS to expand its product range, e.g. for safety vacuum cleaners, even faster, while at the same time realizing the expansion of assembly and the construction of a large logistics center. In addition, the long-term succession of the company will be prepared at an early stage and it will be ensured that SPRiNTUS can continue to develop successfully as an independent company. Mr. Lepold, will remain associated with the company initially as managing director and in the long term as shareholder and advisory board.

"CARL and Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz provided me with excellent support throughout the entire sales process. With Kapital 1852, the perfect investor for our project was found. I am pleased that the entire SPRiNTUS team will enter the next growth phase of SPRiNTUS GmbH together with 1852."
Holger Lepold

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