5 shareholders - 1 suitable result

G.S. Stolpen GmbH & Co. KG
Steel processing

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

150 employees

Project duration

11 months

Sales year


Initial situation

G.S. Stolpen GmbH & Co. KG is a company founded in 1903 in the field of steel processing and employs approx. 150 people as of the sales year 2021. 

The five partners who run the company decided to sell due to their advanced age. Within the past 10 years, they have tried to sell their company twice on their own and independently. However, both times, due to different expectations, the sale did not take place. Finally, the partners decided to seek advice from CARL. 

It was an important concern for them to now find a suitable buyer promptly so that the long-planned sale would not be delayed any further and a successful conclusion could be achieved.


Throughout the entire divestment process, the five shareholders involved were supported through close consultation with the responsible Advisers. In addition, communication between the many parties involved and achieving a satisfactory outcome was a challenge for all. Despite this complexity, the advisors managed to initiate the process quickly, so that it was possible to approach potential buyers as early as February, one month after the start of preparations. In May of the same year, the first prospective buyers were already found. In total, there were three promising offers and the shareholders promptly decided on a suitable strategic investor: Metall-Chemie Holding GmbH. Due to a number of circumstances, including seasonal events such as summer holidays, a complex data room and the complicated arrangement with numerous parties, the sales process took somewhat longer than initially expected. In total, the project period covered 11.5 months.


After the signing and closing on 20.12.2021, all participations were successfully sold. Most of the shareholders are now taking well-deserved retirement. One of the shareholders will take on the role of managing director and will probably remain in the company for a year after the sale and act in a supporting capacity. The company will be incorporated into a group of companies and will continue to operate independently as before. Synergies with other companies in the holding are also planned. Since the steel processing industry is suffering greatly from the conditions of the existing Corona pandemic and the associated material procurement and order bottlenecks, as well as from the high material costs, the sale price was somewhat lower than expected a few years earlier, but nevertheless satisfactory. The parties involved are relieved to have been able to close the deal successfully with a good result and a suitable buyer.

"In the end, the ideal successor was found with the help of competent advice - The growth path taken in recent years can now be successfully continued."

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