Enable your customers new approaches.

Become a CARL cooperation partner and support your customers in arranging succession.

Our approach

Solve the succession problem in your clientele.

The CARL cooperation network ranges from banks and insurance companies to associations and financial platforms. We support our partners in placing the succession topic in the organisation and in initiating succession planning with clients. Our partners benefit from the continuity of the customer base and the offer of exciting services around the topic of company sales.

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Three reasons that speak for CARL.
CARL offers a solution for the succession problem of clients of large banks, insurance companies and associations. These three reasons, in essence, speak for cooperation:
Succession solution for your clientele

With CARL, you have experts for succession in Mittelstand as a direct partner. The team supports the development of communication and sales strategies and accompanies your clients on the way to a successful succession.


Additional sources of revenue

A transaction process offers opportunities for banking and insurance services. For example, transaction financing becomes possible in many cases. It also opens up opportunities in wealth management and private banking.


Digital partner

CARL acts as a digital partner in many collaborations. With its experience in digital marketing and sales, for example landing pages and webinars, as well as its resources in the area of product development, CARL opens up digital access to succession.



CARL Valuation: The easy way to start the sales process.

Our valuation algorithm calculates an indicative company value based on a few details. The result is clearly visualised on a digital document. For the client advisors of our cooperation partners, this valuation provides an easy introduction to the challenging topic of selling a company.
Our team of experts reviews the result and guides Company Owner through the process. For your clients, this means the first step towards a structured succession process.

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