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GAF - Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH Freiberg & Co. KG
Trade fair and control technology
Uwe Heinrich
Former Managing Director

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

13 employees

Project duration

6 months

Sales year


Initial situation

GAF is an owner-managed company in the field of measurement and control technology. Founded in 1992, it now has a total of 13 employees. GAF is managed by Uwe Heinrich and two other shareholders: a project engineer and a software development manager. All three decided unanimously to sell the company. After almost 30 years, the main shareholder Uwe Heinrich, in particular, would like to take his well-deserved retirement in order to have more time with his family and to travel. Nevertheless, it was a matter close to his heart to know that his life's work would be in good hands, that the jobs of his employees would continue to be secured and that the company would remain in its form after the sale. On the recommendation of their house bank, Deutsche Bank AG, the company owners sought professional help. Goal-oriented preliminary talks and the characteristics of a fast and at the same time individual process handling of transactions finally convinced them to find the perfect succession for the company together with the advisory team of our partner.


GAF was intensively supported and advised throughout the entire process. Already at the beginning, an excellent and fast cooperation between all parties became apparent. In addition, the managing director Uwe Heinrich had already dealt with the upcoming succession in detail and prepared well. Thus, the necessary documents could be compiled quickly. During the search for a buyer, GAF turned out to be an attractive investment and within a very short time around 40 investors expressed their interest. In the time that followed, three potential buyers were shortlisted and finally one promising candidate was chosen. Thanks to the significant bidding competition, Mr. Heinrich had a good choice and was able to make his decision not only on professional aspects, but also on a personal and interpersonal level. From the beginning, the Company Owner expressed interest in a fast sales process, which finally succeeded: within only six months, the process could be completed entirely.


Thanks to the intensive support during the entire sales process, Uwe Heinrich succeeded in finding the suitable buyer who met the expectations of all parties involved, understands the company and will continue to run it satisfactorily. With regard to the purchase transaction, the Company Owner expressed its fullest satisfaction. Uwe Heinrich will assist the new operations manager of GAF in an advisory capacity until June 2022, when he will retire. He knows that his life's work and the future of all employees are in good hands thanks to the supportive advice.

"Without my advisory team, we would not be where we are now. For that, we and the new owners of the company are very grateful and agree, business succession only works with the right advisors by your side."
Uwe Heinrich
Former Managing Director

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