Thrasio's first company acquisition in Germany - the start of successful expansion

Bonstato GmbH

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

5 employees

Project duration

6 months

Sales year


Initial situation

Bonstato is an Amazon FBA company with two main independent brands, which sells a total of over 70 products in Europe and the United States. FBAs are e-commerce businesses where Amazon handles all the logistical order processing, hence the name Fulfillment by Amazon. 5 years after founding the company, the two young Company Owner decided to sell Bonstato for various reasons. One of the directors decided to have more time for his family life, while the other wanted to focus on a new professional project. For these reasons, both Company Owner wanted to sell Bonstato as soon as possible. Due to the time urgency, a short process duration with intensive and professional advice was important to both of them, whereupon they decided on CARL after several, convincing preliminary discussions.


Bonstato was intensively supported throughout the entire process. The focus was on an efficient handling of the transaction. The special feature of this project was that no classic investor approach was made. Due to Bonstato's positioning and the current trend of consolidation of FBA companies (more on this in our eCommerce industry report), two interested parties contacted the company directly. FBA buyers invest heavily in profitable brands to expand their portfolio. Through efficient management structures and strong synergy effects, they have the potential to quickly strengthen their market position. In consultation with the client, the two interested parties were accepted as potential buyers. Through selective, competitive competition between the two competitors, the initially assumed enterprise value could be significantly increased.


CARL's diligent work increased the initial expected enterprise value by 192%. Bonstato was acquired by the successful American company Thrasio, one of the fastest growing acquirers of Amazon third-party brands. The purchase of Bonstato through CARL was Thrasio's first operational investment in the EU, which represents a successful start to their expansion. After the quick sale of their company, the founders can finally focus on their family life or new projects.

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