The upswing after the succession

Filling technology manufacturer
Stefan Weiland
Former Managing Director

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

14 employees

Project duration

11 months

Sales year


Initial situation

The company NASSENHEIDER e.K., founded in 1999, specialized in the development and production of special filling machines. These were in particularly high demand from beekeeping operations, but also from companies in the food, cosmetics and pharmacy sectors. In addition to the highly specialized products in its existing portfolio, the company had two other prototypes in development at the time of the sale. This was not only due to the founder's tireless drive for innovation, but rather to ensure the long-term growth of the company under two brands. 

In the course of his online research regarding the process of a company sale, Stefan Weiland became aware of CARL's digital company value calculators. The company valuation could give significant orientation to Company Owner and prepare him for the first steps of the succession.


NASSENHEIDER e.K. supplied customers worldwide, with the US business in particular experiencing significant growth. Due to the flexibility of the solutions offered, a stable customer base could be built up. In the segment of small honey filling machines, Nassenheider was even the global market leader at the time of the sale. The products were deliberately positioned in the upper premium range, which over the years established the NASSENHEIDER brand as a distinct seal of quality in the industry. With the search for a suitable successor underway, it was time to seize the opportunity to build a first-class sales force for these products and thus maximize the company's profits. "My "baby" is now a "teenager." You could now let it grow up by taking the company to a new level. That would be our greatest wish!" - Stefan Weiland - former Managing Director The Managing Director's passion was primarily technology. He himself identified further potential in the area of marketing and sales. For this reason, he considered the sale to be the best solution to pass his life's work into new hands and thereby maximize the potential of his company in the long term.


Thanks to the good cooperation between CARL and the partner consultant Ms. Barbara Fritzer, the succession could be completed quickly, as requested by Mr. Weiland. Thanks to CARL's large buyer network "CARL Connect", two operational successors (MBI) could be found, who on the one hand had a deep understanding of the highly specialized market and on the other hand wanted to dedicate their full passion to a new project after many years of successful business. Not only on a personal level, but also especially due to their sales competence, they were able to fully meet the entrepreneur's expectations. Mr. Weiland knows that NASSENHEIDER e.K. is in good hands and is enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

"My greatest wish was that my company would be taken to a new level and continue successfully. I am glad that we have achieved this goal."
Stefan Weiland
Former Managing Director

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