Through targeted impulses, an increase in sales revenue of € 8.1 m could be achieved

Eastern Graphics Ltd.
Ekkehard Beier
Founder and Shareholder

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

120 employees

Project duration

4 months

Sales year


Initial situation

EasternGraphics GmbH provides software for the creation of professional 2D and 3D room plans as well as photorealistic visualizations. With the help of this pCon solution, room plans can be built, implemented and visualized free of charge with the pCon.planner. The company was founded in 1995 and has been able to expand to seven locations throughout Europe within the last few years, from BeneLux to Turkey.


CARL acted as exclusive transaction advisor to a shareholder of EasternGraphics GmbH in the sale of its minority shares. What was needed was the development of a communication strategy between the client and the co-partner, who were in a complicated relationship with each other. In addition, the coordination of the transaction team of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers was CARL's responsibility.


CARL achieved an increase in sales revenue of € 8.1 m through targeted impulses

"CARL has proven to be an extremely professional and reliable partner from the very beginning. I received the best possible advice in a challenging situation. My set goals were exceeded thanks to the team's commitment."
Ekkehard Beier
Founder and Shareholder

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