A strategic investor as a suitable solution for the new generation of a family business

Georg Sievert GmbH
Underground garage insulation

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

10 employees

Project duration

1 year

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Initial situation

Founded in 1982, Georg Sievert GmbH is a company based in North Rhine-Westphalia that specializes in thermal insulation for underground garages and acoustic insulation in parking garages. Founded by Georg Sievert and continued by his son Ralf Sievert, the family business is characterized by outstanding expertise combined with consulting competence, which is appreciated by customers everywhere. The strong sales growth of recent years is underpinned by exceptionally high profitability. The company serves companies within a radius of approx. 400 km around its headquarters - nationwide expansion is possible at any time and offers evident growth potential. The high demand for housing in cities, combined with increasing regulatory requirements, ensures further market growth in the installation of thermal and acoustic insulation. 

In order for Ralf Sievert to be able to hand over the company into good hands before the age of 60, he knew that he had to take care of his succession and the handover as early as possible. So he approached CARL already at the age of 53 to know that he had a strong partner for his company sale on his side. Originally, Georg Sieverts became aware of CARL through the investor platform "CARL Connect", the intelligent company valuation and last but not least on the basis of relevant reference projects.


Georg Sievert GmbH has built up an outstanding market position over the years thanks to its own expertise and has thus been able to generate lucrative new orders with low distribution costs. The company's customer base includes Germany's leading construction companies and they regularly place orders with the company due to its reliability and expertise. Stable customer relationships ensure seasonally independent sales in this case. In addition, Georg Sievert GmbH has stable and long-standing supplier relationships that enable favorable material procurement as well as just-in-time deliveries to construction sites. Sievert's long-standing ties to customers and suppliers were a strategic advantage. However, this was accompanied by a high degree of dependency, which to some extent reduced the company's attractiveness for investors. However, thanks to the early preparations, CARL's consulting team in cooperation with Mr. Sievert succeeded in systematically reducing the dependencies and using them to its advantage. The sustainable growth in combination with a comparatively high profitability underpinned the competitiveness of Georg Sievert GmbH. In particular, the opportunity for Germany-wide expansion offered significant development potential and made the company an extremely exciting investment opportunity for strategic investors and private buyers.


The sole shareholder and managing partner Ralf Sievert, sold all shares in Georg Sievert GmbH to a strategic investor. The expectations of the entrepreneur, in particular with regard to the purchase conditions and price, were fulfilled. As initially planned, Mr. Sievert was able to enjoy his newly won free time before his 60th birthday and devote himself to new projects and his family.

"We are very pleased for the traditional company Georg Sievert GmbH to have found a suitable partner to support the company in its further growth and to lead it into the next generation." - Pascal Stichler, Co-CEO at CARL

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