Thanks to the local consultant, the perfect successor could be found

Project LUSSO
Luxury segment of the sanitary and wellness industry

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

10 employees

Project duration

1 year

Sales year


Initial situation

Founded in Munich in 2005, the company belongs to the upper luxury segment of the sanitary and wellness industry. Especially when it comes to the highest quality and design standards, it is one of the leading companies. Despite already full order books, the owner recognized further business potential through digitalization and successfully developed his company over the years in a rapidly growing market. 

The main objective for the generation change was to hand over the company to a younger person with the same values and vision. As there was a high level of personal identification with the company, a variety of personal factors and professional competencies were decisive in the search for the suitable candidate, in addition to financing aspects.  

The Company Owner chose CARL in tandem with Maxeiner & Cie's partner consultant to benefit from the perfect interplay of innovative platform technology and local support.


The owner attached great importance to handing over his company to a private buyer (MBI). His company was therefore to be sold to the appropriate successor preferably as part of a so-called asset deal. The successor had to be convincing on a personal level, have enthusiasm and passion for the product and at the same time have the entrepreneurial ability to continue the life's work and be able to align the company in a modern and future-oriented way. For example, unused potential should be better exploited in the future and the company should be led into the next stage of development through new customer groups and digital business areas. Already at the beginning of the transaction, an exceptionally good personal relationship with the local partner advisor Maxeiner became apparent. Due to the local proximity, the latter was able to optimally accompany Company Owner . A special feature of the transaction was the comparatively high level of fixed assets.


After an intensive search, in January 2022 the owner chose a pair of entrepreneurs who fully met his personal requirements. The owner himself expressed his complete satisfaction with the process and its outcome. The successor fits his company on both a personal and professional level. In addition to the multitude of personal and entrepreneurial criteria that the new owners fully met, the purchase price ultimately achieved not only met expectations but also ensured complete satisfaction.

"Through the cooperation between CARL and myself as an experienced partner consultant, it was possible to find a successor who shares the same passion as the company founder. The company is now led into the future with a new drive. We are more than satisfied." - Bodo Maxeiner, Maxeiner & Cie/ Partner Consultant at CARL

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