"A quick and successful company sale was particularly important to me".

Project SEAL
E-commerce with office supplies
Managing Director

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

14 employees

Project duration

10 months

Sales year


Initial situation

Since 2002, SEAL GmbH has specialised in office supplies - and successfully so. Through many years of experience and constant further development, competitiveness has been sustainably ensured. At the age of over 60, Mr SEAL decided to sell the company he had founded over 20 years ago. After many years of hard work, it was the right time for him to take a new step. Due to his longstanding and emotional attachment to the company, he placed great importance on the buyer being a personal fit for the company and its employees. Furthermore, an important requirement for his advisory team was that his company be sold as quickly as possible and that he be able to devote himself to private matters in the shortest possible time. Due to CARL's previous successful transactions, which had a comparatively short process duration, Mr. SEAL chose CARL. CARL's fast and yet customised approach convinced him.


After the first talks with Mr. SEAL, in which wishes and ideas were discussed in detail, the preparation of documents began. These were collected for the Information Memorandum, which describes the company holistically for potential buyers. In the course of this, CARL also consolidated the different areas of the company and clearly worked out the respective unique selling propositions and strengths of SEAL GmbH in cooperation with Company Owner . There were over 40 potential buyers who showed serious interest in the company and signed a confidentiality agreement. Due to the promptness of the sale, CARL closely managed the process and gave the potential buyers clear deadlines for the next steps in the process. After reviewing the information memorandum and answering open questions, eight investors submitted indicative purchase offers. These were evaluated by CARL and Mr SEAL decided to meet personally with four interested buyers. Management presentations were then made with these. After consultation with the client, the ideal buyer was then identified and the purchase agreement was negotiated and due diligence was conducted.


The process was completed with the signing and closing, which took place on the same day. The client's wish to sell the company as soon as possible was fulfilled. Within only ten months, the company was fully sold to the ideal investor. Mr SEAL is very satisfied with the duration of the transaction process and the new management. He remains employed in the company as Advisers , but is happy to have more available time for private projects.

"The CARL team always reacted quickly and competently to any problems that arose. As a result, we were able to quickly find a professional successor who suited my company, as I had hoped. I am very satisfied with the cooperation of my CARL team."
Managing Director

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