Continuation of a great success story

Mercur Südlogistik Speditions GmbH
Freight forwarding industry

Relevant facts

Year of foundation


Size of the company

17 employees

Project duration

9 months

Sales year


Initial situation

Mercur Südlogistik Speditions-GmbH, based in Mannheim, is a forwarding company for international part and full loads. Equipped with the appropriate certifications, the company focused on the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and thus distinguished itself by a comparatively high degree of specialization and a low dependence on individual customers and suppliers. 

In the course of their age succession, the equal partners Georg Gruber and Thomas Kraft wanted to sell their shares without endangering the continued existence of the company and thereby securing the jobs of the employees. In the course of their research on the process of a company sale, Gruber and Kraft became aware of CARL. Shortly after a company valuation using CARL's digital company value calculator and initial evaluation by a CARL analyst, the discussions regarding the approach of a buyer were quickly intensified.


Especially in times of Corona, Mercur Südlogistik proved to be extremely robust and crisis-proof. This was essentially due to long-standing business relationships and a highly diversified customer portfolio with well-known customers, but also to the outstanding quality and range of services offered. In addition, the company operated in a highly fragmented industry with high market potential. These factors made Mercur Südlogistik a highly attractive investment for buyers who also actively operate in the logistics sector. In the run-up to the investor approach, an extremely high quality standard was of utmost relevance in the pre-selection of potential buyers from the logistics sector, as this is particularly essential when fulfilling logistics orders in the pharmaceutical industry. By clearly defining all the requirements, it was possible to develop an approach strategy which, in conjunction with the company's potential, led to promising prospective buyers being approached.


After a thorough review of all prospective buyers, the owners finally decided to sell the company to Schneider Logistics Group AG, based in Basel. Schneider Logistic Groups AG is a portfolio company of the private equity investor Invision. The investor acquired the shareholder shares in Mercur Südlogistik Speditions GmbH from managing partners Thomas Kraft and Georg Gruber in the form of a share deal. Schneider Logistic Groups AG integrated Mercur Südlogistik Speditions GmbH into its existing portfolio of companies, creating synergies for both parties and setting up the life's work of Mr. Gruber and Kraft for further growth and future success.

"We are pleased to have found the right buyer for Mercur Südlogistik Speditions-GmbH, which meets all quality requirements. The transaction success will be reflected in the development of the company in the future!" - Benjamin Görwitz, Division Manager M&A at CARL

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